Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toilet Trauma

My first blog entry. Scary. Social networking. I think I’m an introvert. I’ve avoided all facebook invitations and tend to avoid receptions at work functions. Getting to this place has taken some time but here I am so let’s begin.

The point of this blog is to barf out the everyday annoyances that hang me up, irritate me and keep me asking why? Why people? Is it like Boy George sang in his 1984 song “The War Song” that People are Stupid? Or is it just that people are selfish and uncaring and don’t realize that what they do in a public space impacts other people? Public space is public space – it’s not just yours, it’s for everyone.

So my first major why is why do people pee on toilet seats? Or should I ask why do ladies pee on toilet seats and not clean up after themselves? Ninety percent of the time (okay it may be more like 60) I enter a public women’s restroom, there is pee on at least one of the toilet seats in one of the stalls. I understand not wanting to put your butt on a toilet seat so hovering while peeing is often a good option. However, if you miss the toilet bowl why wouldn’t you take the time to take a piece of toilet paper and wipe up your dribbles. It just ain’t right! And it seems that if one person doesn’t take the time to clean off the seat, the next person comes in, hovers over the seat and adds to the mess. And the cycle continues. I feel for the janitors and can only wonder what they go through on a day to day basis. And I can’t help but wonder, am I the only person that notices? Am I the only person that this bothers?

It happens in airports and airplanes – though that may be both ladies and fellas adding to the mess. It happens in restaurants – good, fancy places, and in diners. It happens in hotel lobbies, auditoriums, especially occurs in porta potties (again could be ladies and fellas). Movie theaters, gyms, grocery stores, Starbucks, gas stations. Rarely happens in the work restrooms. And it hasn’t happened here at a conference in West Virginia at the National Conservation Training Center. The bathrooms have been immaculate – no leftovers on the toilet seats. Such a refreshing week I’ve spent here forgetting that toilet trauma (in its many forms) exists in the real world. Back to reality tomorrow when I get on the plane to go home to San Francisco. Shields up.

There, that wasn’t so bad. Kinda fun really to get it out.